Nano Medicine

Nano Medicine Photo Nanomedicine is just the use of nanotechnologies in a social insurance setting and the lion's share of advantages that have just been seen include the utilization of nanoparticles to enhance the conduct of medication substances. Today, nanomedicines are utilized all inclusive to enhance the medicines and lives of patients experiencing a scope of clutters including ovarian and bosom malignancy, kidney ailment, contagious contaminations, raised cholesterol, menopausal indications, different sclerosis, ceaseless agony, asthma and emphysema. The nanomedicines that are as of now accessible are conquering a portion of the troubles experienced by ordinary medicinal methodologies in conveying the advantage from the medication particles utilized. 
  • Fluorescent biological labels
  • Drug and gene delivery
  • Bio detection of pathogens
  • Detection of proteins
  • Probing of DNA structure
  • Tissue engineering
  • Phagokinetic studies
  • MRI contrast enhancement

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